Welcome to the Scribes of Central Florida, Inc.

The purpose of the Scribes of Central Florida is to promote the study and practice of calligraphy, encourage artistic growth and appreciation of the lettering arts, and foster the exchange of ideas among our members and the community.

Organized in January 1984 and based in Orlando, Florida, our members come from all walks of life and include beginners, hobbyists and professionals alike. Our guild is a 501 (c) (3) Public Charitable Organization.

Scribes of Central Florida

We have fabulous meetings, workshops, mini-workshops and events every month. Our monthly meetings are social as well as informative. Our after-meeting mini workshops include speakers, demonstrations, presentations, idea exchanges and much more. Most of our regular meetings are held at the Roth Jewish Community Center in Maitland, Florida. 

Check out our Facebook page for more information and photos of our meetings and workshops: https://www.facebook.com/scribesofcentralflorida/

Join Us as a Member

We are always happy to have another lettering enthusiast! Join in the Fun!!! Membership is open to all, regardless of skill level. Benefits of Membership in the Scribes includes monthly meetings with demos/mini-workshops, reduced fees for Classes & Workshops, informational newsletters, access to our library of books/publications/videos, the opportunity to associate with a great group of creative people, and much more! If you would like to join please fill out the form and mail your check or money order.