Below is the list of materials in our Scribes' Library.

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Calligraphic Designs, Armstrong, Mimi, 1983, Charming compositions mingled with calligraphic mottos and quotations


Calligraphy for the Classroom, Association for the Calligraphic Arts, Class plans for calligraphy


The Illuminated Manuscript, Backhouse, Janet, 1979, Excellent study resource, 70 illustrations, 80 pgs.


Chancery Cursive Stroke by Stroke, Baker, Arthur, 1982, An  Arthur Baker Calligraphy Manual


Scrapbooker's Alphabets, Booth, Ruth, 2006, Inspiration and instruction for 50 fabulous decorative alphabets


The Ken Brown Calligraphy Handbook, 3rd Ed., Brown, Ken, 1991, Beginner's guide using calligraphy markers


Illuminated Alphabets, Carter, Patricia, 1995, Over 100 beautifully illuminated letters including parchment, classical and harlequin designs


ABC Zig Calligraphy, Charatan, Karen, 1993, Lettering and creativity with Zig markers


How to be a Successful Lettering Artist, David, Stuart, 1987, Business practices, comp lettering, engrossing, finished lettering, signs, & type design


How to Become a Professional Calligrapher, David, Stuart, 1985, How to find clients, how to charge, materials and procedures for addressing envelopes, filling in names, signs, invitations, certificates and much, much more


Calligraphic Lettering with wide pen and brush, Douglass, Ralph, Historic forms, brush lettering, designed letters, 111 pgs.


Crane's Wedding Blue Book, Feinberg, Steven L., 1993, The Styles and etiquette of announcements, invitations, and other correspondence


Lettering Arts, Fink, Joanne & Kastin, Judy, 1993, Alphabet designs, commercial lettering, calligraphic & lettering arts


Calligraphy Made Easy, Goffe, Gaynor, 1994, A Complete Beginner's guide


Calligraphic Styles, Gourdie, Tom, 1979, Introduction to calligraphy, instructions, & examples of different hands


The Calligrapher's Project Book, Haines, Suzanne, 1990, Project Ideas and examples


Lettering, Higgins Ink Company, 1949, History, instruction, lettering guides, script, engrossing, typography


Finding the Flow: A Calligraphic Journey, Jonas, Gina, 2006, Edged Pen exercises, principles & techniques


A Copperplate Manual, Krimm, Gerald, 1979, An Introduction to Writing with the Pointed Pen


Felt Pen & Watercolor, Light, Duane R., 1992, Tips & techniques for drawing/painting with felt pen & watercolor


The Sumi-E book, Mayhall, Yolanda, 1989, Learn to master the four basic brush strokes of Japanese ink painting and create beautiful brush paintings of your own


The Sumi-E Dream Book, Mayhall, Yolanda, 2003, An impressionist Approach to the Art of Japanese Brush Painting


The Gilding Book, McDean, Glenn, 1996, A complete guide to easy gilding


Calligraphy & Lettering Design, Metcalf, Eugene, 1986, techniques and examples


Contemporary Calligraphy, Modern Scribes and Lettering Artists II, 1986, Examples of modern calligraphic works


Calligraphy: Learn the Art of Beautiful Writing, Newhall, Arthur, 2003, Beginner's guide to calligraphy


Cursive Writing the Easy Way, teacher's manual, Palmer Method of Handwriting, 1960, palmer method handwriting


Borders for Calligraphy, Shepherd, Margaret, 1980, How to design a decorated page, 101 pgs.


Calligraphy Alphabets Made Easy, Shepherd, Margaret, 1986, Master the art of beautiful writing quickly and simply as you learn a new alphabet every day and complete a practical lettering project each week


Learning Calligraphy, Shepherd, Margaret, 1977, A book of lettering, design and history, 115 pgs.


Calligraphy Projects for Pleasure and Profit, Shepherd, Margaret, 1983, Calligraphy project ideas and instructions


Using Calligraphy, Shepherd, Margaret, 1979, A workbook of alphabets, projects, and techniques - 2 copies


Ampersands & Oddments, Smith, G. Roland, 2009, notes for a jobbing calligrapher


Speedball Textbook, 20th Edition, Speedball, 1972, pen and brush lettering


The Encyclopedia of Calligraphy Techniques, Wilson, Diana Hardy, 1990, A comprehensive A-Z directory of calligraphy techniques and a step-by-step guide to their use


The Uncommon Numbers Trilogy, Zoby, Brenda Casey, 2010, Calligraphic numerals




The Calligraphers Engagement Calendar, 1979, Selected verses from the Old  Testament Book of Proverbs, Design and layout ideas


Colleagues of Calligraphy Calendar, 1980, Minneapolis-St. Paul, 53 pgs of art


Calligraphers Engagement Calendar, 1981, A pentalic book of musical  quotations, 68 notable contributors


The Calligraphers Engagement Calendar, 1983, The Renaissance theme, 52 contributors


The Calligraphers Engagement Calendar, 1984, Food and drink theme, 53 entries from worldwide calligraphic artists


The Calligraphers Engagement Calendar, 1986, Magic theme from well known  calligraphers


Pendragon Calligraphic Calendar, 1988, Children and Childhood theme, 44 contributors


The Artful Letter Calligraphers Engagement Calendar, 1990, Travel theme, 44 contributors


Calligraphers Engagement Calendar, 2000 Millenia issue, John Neal, Bookseller, 54 Who’s Who of calligraphic contributors



Altered Books with Beth Cote, (80 m) lesson showcasing eight projects and many tips & techniques for altering books


Rubber Stampede & Stamps, Rubber stamping: Great Impressions (16 min) & Tips, Tools & Treasures (65 m)


The Illuminator and a Bible for the 21st Century,  49 min. The story of The Saint John's Bible


Assemblage As Fine Art, Susan Pickering Rothamel,  34 min. techniques, organizational processes, materials, methods, special adhesives, and framing for creating three- dimensional art


Collage, Susan Pickering Rothamel, 37 min.  The Fine Art of Paper Collage Painting


Special "Surface" Effects, Susan Pickering Rothamel, 90 min. Art materials, applications, techniques and embellishments for interior spaces and wearable art.


Special Effects For Mixed-Media, Susan Pickering Rothamel, , 65 min. Innovative material, applications and techniques for paper arts, book arts and rubber stamping


The Colourmen, Winsor & Newton, A 30-minute journey through the fascinating history artists' colours


Altered Books with Beth Cote, 80 minute lesson showcasing eight projects and many tips & techniques for altering books


Direct-to-Paper and Beyond, Tips & techniques for the Color Box family of inkpads


Rubber Stampede & Stamps, Rubber stamping: Great Impressions (16 min) & Tips, Tools & Treasures (65 m)


Stamps Barbara's Tips, Tools, and Treasures, A guide to rubber stamp fun (65 min)


The Robert C. Williams American Museum of Papermaking (2 copies), Modern Papermaking (3:49 min.), Recycling: Lost & Found (3:41), The Paper Trail (3:24)


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