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Executive Board 2015- 2017


President:  Jenifer Patrick

Vice President:  Vivian Mungall

Secretary: Elvie Dolbrus

Treasurer:  Randy Taylor

Newsletter:  Sandra Wright

Membership:  Linda Ross

Major Workshop Chair:  Judy Shears

After Meeting Activity Chair: Rebecca Francis

Beginner Classes/Workshop Chair: Sandra Wright


Committee Officers 2015- 2017


Care and Concern:  Rebecca Francis

Hospitality: Sandy Vogelpohl


Librarian:  Pam Kenney

Liaison:  Linda Ross

Luncheons:  Elvie Dolbrus

Postmaster: Linda Ross

Publicity:  Jean Norton

Web Master:  Vivian Mungall

Contact us by mail:

Scribes of Central Florida

P. O. Box 1753

Winter Park, FL 32790-1753

Contact us by email as Info@scribesofcentralflorida.com

We meet once a month (September to May)

Usually the 1st Sunday of the Month at 1pm

Visit the Join Us for Location & Directions.

Visit the Officers for members of the Executive Board.