“A Calligraphic Journey”

May 2 – 4, 2014


1984 - 2014

Our guild has been blessed to have been guided for thirty consecutive years by dedicated leaders and members with a love for the lettering arts. With that in mind the current board met for a year to plan a three day weekend celebrating this grand achievement.


Friday May 2 began with a downpour that lasted all day. The event planned to begin the weekend at First Presbyterian Church in downtown Orlando appeared to be seriously threatened. Thirteen professional calligraphers traveled from New Mexico, Illinois, and from around the state of Florida to participate creating a living gallery of calligraphers in a scriptorium setting. All were members of our guild with the exception of Timothy Botts, our teacher for the weekend and Dena Bellows, the first president of our guild.  We presented to the community our finest skills exemplifying the writing from early Roman times to our present contemporary calligraphy. Great anticipation was in the room, not knowing if our efforts of so many months would be seen because of the weather.  But come the viewers did for three hours of constant activity, nearing two hundred to view the beautiful art being done .



The first day of our workshop taught by Timothy, Graphic Design for Calligraphers, on Saturday at the Maitland Library was greeted by the same inclement weather. But the eagerness of the attendees was not dampened. Tim led us through his thought process for possible ways to layout and design a project, giving much useful information and many demonstrations.


Glorious is a fine way to describe our day of learning Sunday at the Maitland Civic Center. To make backgrounds for our calligraphy, four kinds of music were played as we painted. We then chose our favorite to display. As a group we chose four that pleased us most.  Each one chosen was painted while listening to the Japanese music selection – fascinating. To end our day Timothy did one last demonstration, explaining what he was doing with each movement of his pen. Yes, truly Letters do Mingle Souls.

We looked forward to a banquet in the evening at Blackfin, a restaurant nearby on Saturday, May 3. Members and guests filled the decorated room to capacity to enjoy an evening of fellowship, dining, door prizes and a program of art by Timothy. The time of laughter, memories and stories told passed far too quickly.


We want to thank those who donated door prizes: Timothy Botts, lavishlettering.com, Sakura, Brenda Zoby, Ziller of KC, and Paper and Ink Arts, and Scribes of Central Florida.


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