Our purpose is to

 promote the study and practice of calligraphy,
encourage artistic growth and appreciation of the lettering arts, and
foster the exchange of ideas among our members and the community.

Organized in January 1984 and based in Orlando, Florida.


Our members come from all walks of life and include beginners, hobbyists and professionals alike.

Upcoming Events


March 5, 2017

This meeting will include a "Special Benefit for Paid Members Only."


Many of us own the Peerless Watercolor  Swatches. Few of us have a way to store them. The guild will have a DIY PEERLESS WATERCOLOR TUTORIAL for storing these wonder pigments.


Rebecca is going to lead us into making a Peerless Watercolor Palette.  Scribes will supply the books and Peerless Watercolors.  Project materials will be for fully paid members only, but we are happy to have guests and show them how to do this. Scribes is providing the materials as a benefit of membership.


You WILL need to bring a travel waterbrush (see picture sample of this brush at right), to use for this project.  If you don’t have one now, you will absolutely want one after this meeting.  The brush holds water in the reservoir and can be used with watercolors anywhere – even on airplanes. These can be purchased for just a few dollars at local craft stores, or many online suppliers.


Bring brush with water in it to the meeting.





These sites are for color mixing, lessons, and preparing swatch notebooks.  I hope you find this information useful.         Judy Shears


Dawn McLeod Heim   CA www.watercolorpaintingandprojects.com    I adore her simplicity as well as her methodology.  She has given small list of artists and books she recommends on the site, tucked within the first lesson, I think.


Jarine Godwin  UK www.sketchbooksquirrel.com      I have subscribed to her lessons…about $14 monthly.  Easy to unsubscribe.  She is charming, quite  knowledgeable.


Debi Riley        possibly AU www.debiriley.com      Watercolor basics


Jane Blundell  AU www.Janeblundellart.com    Referred to on the wet canvas site as “The Queen of Watercolor”.  Search her site for color mixing charts – a treasure trove…phenomenal!  There is a great deal of free information here.


Very useful website  www.wetcanvas.com      This is a q & a site from other watercolorists for archives of a certain subject.  I did a general google this morning “Best way to make a notebook of watercolor swatches”.  The responses were terrific on the wet canvas site.  It had also come up from other searches and I really liked the thread of responses.  All very respectful and willing to share what they had learned.


New discovery   www.calligrafile.com

 Taken from the Calligrafile home page, “Calligrafile is a curated library of trusted tools and resources for the studio and business of calligraphers, hand lettering artists, type enthusiasts and creative freelancers.  Within these pages you will find visual resource galleries, extensive link archives, a community forum and the Calligrafile blog.”  Jake and Hannah Weidmann and Molly Suber Thorpe have articles in the blog.


March 17-19, 2017


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