Our purpose is to

 promote the study and practice of calligraphy,
encourage artistic growth and
appreciation of the lettering arts, and
foster the exchange of ideas among our members
and the community.

Organized in January 1984 and based in Orlando, Florida.


Our members come from all walks of life and include beginners, hobbyists and professionals alike.

Upcoming Events


 September 9, 2018

Our regular meeting will start early at 12:30 and end at 2:3o

Our Education/After Meeting Program:  LETTER STYLE EXPLORATION.  You will go home today with a wonderful piece of art.  Scribes will provide special paper.  We will be writing names – YOUR name, all kinds of names!! – using any style, pen, ink, marker, dip pen, embellishment of your choice.  You do NOT have to be proficient in a calligraphy hand to do this.  NO ONE will know who has written the name.  This is for practice - encourage you to explore.  You will take home your paper with your name written by 30-40 different calligraphers, of all levels, many styles.  What a treasure !


Materials to bring:  1. Whatever style you wish to write, you might want to bring a copy of that exemplar/alphabet, book or just wing it! 2. Instrument to write – ink and dip pen, Pilot Parallel Pen, color pencils, brush markers, Gel Pen, Felt Tip pen, or maybe even a pencil – there is no questioning on this. 3. You might want to embellish on your lettering, or NOT. If so, gel pens, gold or silver, or shadow markers, always fun.


If you are unsure about this, come anyway.  It is NOT mandatory that you write, and you will still get to take home a piece of art with your name written on it in MANY different styles and designs.  It’s just a fun exercise to get us started for fall.




FUTURE PROJECT – BENEFIT FOR YOU!:  When you come to this meeting, please bring a printed list of sources for calligraphic research that you might use or know of.  This can include Guilds or calligraphic teachers to follow on Facebook, Blogs that specialize in calligraphy or writing or relate to some, suppliers of calligraphic items (tools, publications, inks, etc).


We will collate and make a handout for member books to be given out at another meeting.  Please give as much info as you can, including complete name, link, website or Facebook name, etc.  This will help us identify how to list on forms for members.  If you can’t make this meeting, mail it to ScribeLinda@gmail.com


MEMBERSHIP DUES – Due by August 31, 2018

You DON’T want to miss out on our exciting year coming up.

Send your dues in today:


Scribes of Central Florida, P. O. Box 1753, Winter Park, FL  32790


Regular Membership:  $30            Senior Membership (55+):  $25



 September 23, 2018

One Day Workshop on Carolingian taught by Suzanne Heany
at the Roth Jewish Community Center

October 7, 2018

Our regular meeting will start at 1 pm

October 19-21, 2018

"Lively Letters" and "Creative Correspondence"


Julie Wildman

Location and time:

9:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. all days, Roth Family Jewish Community Center - Maitland, FL


The class is full, if you would like be be put on a wait list, please contact

our Workshop Chair -Brian Crimmins at Brian.crimmins@yahoo.com


November 4, 2018

Our regular meeting will start at 1 pm

 November 11, 2018

One Day Workshop on Copperplate with Suzanne Heany
at the Roth Jewish Community Center





Contact us by mail:

Scribes of Central Florida

P. O. Box 1753

Winter Park, FL 32790-1753

Contact us by email as Info@scribesofcentralflorida.com

We meet once a month (September to May)

The 1st Sunday of the Month at 1pm

Visit the Join Us for Location & Directions.

Visit the Officers for members of the Executive Board.